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Our Facilities

Welcome to the Facilities page of Saraa Private School, where we prioritize creating an environment that supports holistic development and inspires a love for learning. Our state-of-the-art facilities are designed to cater to the diverse needs and interests of our students.

School Facilities

We believe in transforming classroom environments to encourage collaboration and stimulate ideas. Each classroom is equipped with audiovisual settings, and students have internet connectivity in the classrooms to enhance their learning experience.


Science Laboratories

Our purpose-built science laboratories support a hands-on approach to learning. Emphasizing experimentation and investigation, these labs are fully equipped for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and General Science, with a dedicated science technician to facilitate learning.


Music Room

Equipped with quality string, percussion, and key-based instruments, our music room provides students with the tools to tap into their musical talent. The room is also equipped with a projector for screening song lyrics during vocal training sessions.


Cinema Room

The Cinema Room at Saraa Private School is not just a place for entertainment; it's a dynamic hub for showcasing educational films that align with our curriculum and educational goals. We curate a diverse selection of films that cover a range of subjects, providing students with a unique opportunity to explore complex topics in a visually compelling and captivating manner.


Well-stocked Library

Our well-stocked library serves both primary and secondary school students. Equipped with networked computers, the library promotes a culture of reading and research, fostering a healthy educational environment where students stay informed about the latest innovations in their fields of interest.


Sports Facilities

Our school boasts age-appropriate outdoor play equipment in carefully designed playgrounds to enhance the physical skills of our youngest students. The sports arena includes playing fields, and a multi-purpose hall. Additionally, we have a separate, well-equipped, covered playing area for our students to engage in various sports activities.


Cultural Facilities

We have meticulously crafted a room that transcends time and brings to life the rich tapestry of our ancient heritage in the Sultanate of Oman. This dedicated space serves as a vibrant reminder of our cultural roots and aims to foster a deep connection with the historical legacy that shapes our identity.


Art Room

The Art Room is a vibrant and inspiring space designed to foster creativity and self-expression. Equipped with a diverse array of art supplies and guided by experienced specialists, the room encourages students to explore various artistic mediums in an environment crafted to inspire. 

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